An Online Course That Helps Parents School Their Child At Home

Design a customized plan to meet the needs of your child’s education

Create a custom curriculum


Design lesson plans

Educate your child

Are You Frustrated Your Child Isn’t Getting the Education They Need?

You can’t seem to find the right solution for your child’s educational needs. You need a customized plan that is tailored to your child’s learning style.

Watch Your Child Learn Without Getting Lost In The System


Customized Education

Have peace of mind knowing your child is getting an education tailored to their needs

Flexible Schedule

Design weekly lesson plans around you and your child’s schedule. 5 days in 4? No problem!

Learn About Your Child

The course will help you to discover your child’s learning style and temperament

Discover How You Can School Your Child At Home

I Understand the Worry and Struggles In Educating Your Child At Home

Learn how I successfully school my 8 children at home, taking my eldest through from Jr. K to university.

Laura was such a help to me – showing me how to schedule it all, what to do, taking off Friday, showing me what books she used and everything.

Heather Harper-McLaurin

BSc, Catechist, Mother of 5

Laura’s videos are clear, concise, and very informative. She takes the guess work out of what do I do next. 

Christine Malone

Registered Nurse, Homeschooling Mama of 4

She gives you the skill, confidence and the resources to get started on your journey. I have learned a lot from her resources and I hope you will too. 

Cameron Fradd

Creator and Founder of Among the Lilies, Co-author and Catholic social media influencer

You Can School Your Child At Home!

1. Take the Course

Learn the practical steps you need through 10 short, 1-3 min. videos


2. Create a Custom Plan

Create a curriculum tailored to your child’s needs

3. School Your Child At Home

Eliminate fear and gain peace of mind knowing your child is learning

Why Should You Buy the Course?

I know you want to be your child’s primary educator. In order to do that, your child needs a customized education plan. The problem is your child isn’t getting the education they need which makes you feel uncertain and overwhelmed as a parent.


Many parents don’t know how to create a plan for their child’s education. So, I offer an online course to help them design a customized plan so that they can school their child at home.

 I believe you should be able to choose your child’s curriculum. I understand how it feels to struggle with the challenges of schooling at home, which is why I am sharing what I’ve learned through my 16 years of experience schooling my eight children at home. 

Here’s how to do it: 1. take the course; 2. create a custom plan; 3. school your child at home.

So, take the course! And, in the meantime, download my free checklist so you can stop feeling afraid that your child isn’t being properly educated. Instead, have peace of mind knowing that your child is getting an education tailored to their needs.

12 step checklist

Download the 12 – Step Checklist – Free!

I bet you haven’t thought about homeschooling as in-depth as this checklist takes you!

What’s My Investment?

How 2 School At Home Course



What You’ll Get:


10 Short, but information packed videos


Simple action plans at the end of every video you can add to your busy schedule


A lesson plan template you can easily customize

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Download the 12 - Step Checklist - Free!

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